Announcing our “Open Door Plan”

St. Athanasius is now open! Key details of our “Open Door Plan” (which you can read in full here) include:

  • All weekday and Saturday services are completely “open” to any who wish to pray in person–including visitors!
  • Our Sunday is Liturgy is “Open Door” in that no one will be turned away from the church. 60 parishioners are able to worship on the main floor and 75 are able to worship in the parish hall (now equipped as “the downstairs chapel.”) We have added candlestands, icons, and converted the hall into holy space. Liturgy is livestreamed and Communion is offered at the appropriate time to Orthodox Christians. Parishioners are divided up into two teams with surnames A-M (“Team Peter”) and N-Z (“Team Paul.”) On one Sunday, Team Peter is upstairs and Team Paul is downstairs–then they switch on the next Sunday. Just check the online calendar and see which team is in the “nave” while other team is downstairs. Visitors are welcome!
  • Our Saturday night Vigil, Sunday Liturgy, and Wednesday night Vespers will continue to be livestreamed via our YouTube channel indefinitely for those still praying from home.
  • Everyone who attends services is expected to assess “if I am feeling ok” (we have a hands-free thermometer on site,) to wash hands at either the upstairs or dowstairs washing station, to don a mask (if an adult,) and to observe responsible distancing between households while in church (6-8 feet.)

While the worshipping life of our church is almost “back to normal,” we still have a long way to go, in terms of the social, fellowship, and educational life of our parish family. We are taking some first steps in encouraging people to visit responsibly outside and we hope to be able to announce additional activities towards the end of July.

Additional Resources As Reopening Continues

We invite you to come visit our church and pray at any of our services or to schedule a time to meet with our priest, Fr. Justin (859-361-2823.) Of course, you are still welcome to connect virtually, through the livestreaming options. Summer blessings be upon you all!

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