Annual Parish Meeting 2020

What? Annual Parish Meeting 2020
When? Sun., Sept. 27, 2020 (1145am-12pm)
Where? At Church In-Person & Via YouTubeLive

Traditionally, our Annual Parish Meeting (required  by the by-laws of our Diocese and the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America,) is held in-person. In our community, the APM usually lasts about an hour and features a full agenda. In 2020, because of Covid, the parish council has decided to hold the APM (as required) but to abbreviate it. The abbreviated agenda of our 2020 Annual Parish Meeting (to be held on Sunday, Sept. 27) includes the following primary tasks–all of which require a yes or no vote–except  the secret ballot voting on our council candidates:

  • Accepting Minutes from Last Year (provided electronically)
  • Accepting Audit Report (provided electronically)
  • Voting on Proposed Budget (provided electronically)
  • Voting to delay Election of Lay Delegate to Diocesan Assembly Until a Month Before Assembly
  • Secret Ballot Voting to Elect Three Council Members (from a slate of four)

Resources for your participation in the Annual Parish Meeting include:

We ask that only baptized/chrismated members of our parish over the age of 18 vote (either by voice or by secret ballot.) Please participate in the meeting on the floor in which you are worshipping (do not come upstairs, but we will have council members downstairs helping to communicate the vote. Remember that when you vote for parish council, you may write down one, two, or three of the nominees on your ballot. (The candidates will be Zoe Kaylor, Jason McCord, Christopher Reeves, and Laura Walther.)  If you consider yourself a parish member and would like to vote by absentee ballot, please write Fr. Justin by midnight Sunday morning and he will provide you an e-ballot that will be due by 8am Sunday. We will announce the results of the election 15 minutes after the end of the meeting.

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