Fall 2020: So Much Happening!

With the coming of the New Church Year on September 1, it felt like we turned a page in church life. Our priest created this video to enocurage us as normal life inexorably returns:

Already, we are grateful that:

  • The church is fully open for worship (and has been for months)
  • Fellowship Hour is back (though now outside)
  • Parish life events are once again populating our calendar
  • Youth, young adults, and college students have already begun activities

As of mid-September, we are looking forward to:

  • A September 20 Visitors’ Sunday (our first since the pandemic!) You can see full info on our Facebook Event Page and invite friends to come for Liturgy, stay for a church-icon tour after the Liturgy, and enjoy a sit-down Q & A session with coffee & light snacks after the tour
  • A new in-person Christian Education Series: Living an Orthodox Life begins on Wed, Sept. 23, and will continue every Wednesday at 720pm (following our weekly 630pm Vespers)
  • Our Annual Parish Meeting (abbreviated) is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 27
    • Our full financials and proposed budget 2020-2021 are here
  • Christian Education is gearing up for new options (“Super Saturdays”) starting in October (stay tuned)
  • Parish Hikes and Camp-outs in October

Our Parish “Open Door Plan” Is Continuing

You can read our latest “notes” on our “Open Door Plan,” outlining our current practices at St. Athanasius and our commitment to gather together, yet to gather responsibly.  We remind our parish faithful and visitors of some basic guidelines when we gather at the church:
  • wash hands upon entering the church
  • wear masks while indoors
  • try to maintain 6 ft. of social distance between families
  • enjoy fellowshipping outdoors but be prudent in staying clear of exits after services
  • should you feel ill or have a temperature, stay home and pray via our YouTube livestream

We invite you to come visit our church and pray at any of our services or to schedule a time to meet with our priest, Fr. Justin (859-361-2823.) Of course, you are still welcome to connect virtually, through the livestreaming options.

Photos of Church Life in August & September

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