Marking Our Lord’s Nativity!

The Church is preparing to mark the Coming of God in the Flesh: the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us for the services that lead up to and mark the Great Feast of Christmas! This year, mindful of the ongoing concern with Covid-19, we approach the Mystery with deep sobriety that is nonetheless mingled with profound joy. We are grateful that:

  • Our church is fully open for worship (visitors welcome)
  • Our Sunday Coffee Hour is back
  • Youth, young adults, and college students activites have resumed
  • Christian Education (with some modification) is back on track
  • Parish life events are once again populating our calendar (including a wonderful Archbishop Visit in Novermber, and special festal celebrations of St. Nicholas and St. Herman in December–see photos below!)

As we head into Nativity, New Year, and Theophany, we are grateful to be continuing service in-person (while also broadcasting them live via our YouTube channel.) Our Pre-Nativity & Christmas Schedule is quite rich, allowing many opportunities for Confession in preparation for the Feast:

  • Saturday Dec. 19
    • 630pm Full Vigil for Sunday before Nativity & Confession
  • Sunday Dec. 20
    • 10am Liturgy for Sunday before Nativity
  • Monday Dec. 21
    • 11am Paraklesis to the Theotokos & Confession
  • Tuesday Dec. 22
    • 730pm Small Compline & Confession
  • Wednesday Dec. 23
    • 9am Royal Hours Anticipating Nativity & Confession
    • 630pm Pre-Feast Vespers, Confession, Bonfire Fellowship
  • Thursday, Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve)
    • 9am Baptism
    • 10am Vesperal Liturgy for Christmas Eve
    • Afternoon Caroling for shut-ins (see Jake Kaylor for info)
    • 11pm Vigil for Nativity (with Liturgy following immediately)
  • Friday, Dec. 25 (Christmas Day)
    • 12am Midnight Nativity Liturgy
  • Saturday, Dec. 26 (2nd Day of Christmas)
    • 10am Festal Liturgy & Fellowship Breakfast (bring own food)
    • 630pm Great Vespers & Confessions
  • Sunday, Dec. 27 (St. Stephen’s Day)
    • 10am Liturgy for Sunday after Christmas & Coffee Hour
  • Wednesday, Dec. 30
    • 630pm Vespers & Bonfire Fellowship
  • Thursday, Dec. 31
    • 5pm Vesperal Liturgy for Circumcision, St. Basil, New Year
  • Theophany Services Begin on January 5… (see online calendar)

How is our Parish Handling Covid?

You can read our updated “notes” on our “Open Door Plan,” outlining our current practices at St. Athanasius and our commitment to gather together.  We remind our parish faithful and visitors of some basic guidelines when we gather at the church:
  • wash hands upon entering the church
  • wear masks while worshipping and moving through the corridors
  • try to maintain 6 ft. of social distance between families
  • try to fellowship outdoors (going indoors in inclement weather)
  • should you feel ill or have a temperature, stay home and pray via our YouTube livestream

We invite you to come visit our church and pray at any of our services or to schedule a time to meet with our priest, Fr. Justin (859-361-2823.) Of course, you are still welcome to connect virtually, through the livestreaming options.

Here are some photos from the last month in our parish life, including our archbishop’s visit, St. Nicholas Day, and St. Herman Day:


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