The Ongoing Theophany Season

Though 2020 was in many ways a difficult year, our parish family is thankful for the blessings God has given us in this past year: parishioners supported each other, we baptized and chrismated more than a dozen people, we held two weddings, we blessed two parishioners to become monastics (and both are now novices,) new friendships (and engagements) began, and we welcomed many new catechumens and seekers even in the midst of a trying pandemic! We are pleased to have hosted many first-time visitors already in these first weeks of 2021.

The Great Feast of Theophany is celebrated on Jan. 6 (New Style) and radiates out throughout January with the Great Water Blessing (see photos below) and home blessings and car blessings (Jan. 17) and more. (You can review our Houseblessing 2021 guidelines and sign up here, if you would likea houseblessing in January. The Houseblessing Service can be found as pdf here.)

Even as our parish community is mindful and concerned about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we invite you to join us in these days–in whatever ways you feel you can–intelligently managing your risk. At present, we are extraodinarily grateful that:

  • Our Church is Fully Open for worship (visitors welcome)
  • Our Sunday Coffee Hour is Back (primarily outside)
  • Youth, Young Adults, & College activites have resumed
  • Christian Education (with some modification) is back on track
  • Parish life events are once again populating our calendar (see bottom of this post for December parish life photos)
  • Livestreaming of most services is also available via our YouTube channel and FacebookLive.)
  • Our Full schedule is available here
  • In January and early February, we are looking forward to:

How is our Parish Handling Covid?

You can read our current “notes” on our “Open Door Plan,” outlining Covid-related practices at St. Athanasius and our commitment to gather together.  We remind our parish faithful and visitors of some basic guidelines when we gather at the church:
  • wash hands upon entering the church
  • wear masks while worshipping and moving through the corridors
  • try to maintain 6 ft. of social distance between families
  • try to fellowship outdoors (going indoors in inclement weather)
  • verify that you feel completely healthy and that you do not have a temperature as you enter church

If you have any questions about these guidelines or wish to visit with our priest, please reach out to Fr. Justin by email or by texting or calling him (859-361-2823.)

Here are some photos of our parish life in of Christmas 2020, of Baptisms, Feasts, Epiphany 2021, and various imrpovements in our physical plant and outdoor spaces:


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