Witnessing Christ’s Passion & Resurrection

For Orthodox Chrisitans, there is no time like Holy Week and the “Feast of Feasts,” Pascha. With deep gratitude to God, our St. Athanasius parish family is excited to be fully open and nearly “normal” in this Paschal season–with visitors being welcomed warmly! (You can review our simple Covid guidelines here.)  If you are thinking of coming, please look at our handy Guide for Holy Week & Pascha 2021. Our full online calendar is here and a pdf of our April and early May schedule can be accessed here. We are excited that we will have a large tent next to the church to allow for added fellowship space throughout Holy Week and Pascha! We also plan to livestream services from the nave into the downstairs hall for others who wish to be close to the action but need more space.

Here is our schedule with explanatory videos for each day interspersed:

  • Holy Wednesday (April 28)
  • Great & Holy Friday (April 30)
    • 9am Holy Friday Royal Hours of the Passion
      • Decorating of the Tomb with flowers following…
    • 3pm Entombment Vespers
    • 630pm Matins for Holy Saturday w. Procession
    • All-Night Psalter Reading (online sign-up
  • Great & Holy PASCHA (May 2)
    • 1130pm (on May 1) +Paschal Nocturnes+
    • 12am +Midnight Paschal Procession & Matins+
    • 120am +Paschal Liturgy+
    • 245am Blessing of Baskets & Feasting on Grounds & in Hall
    • 1pm Paschal Parade Gathers at Fitch’s IGA in Wilmore
    • 2pm +Agape Paschal Vespers & Picnic+ served in our tent
      • Full Meal, Easter Egg Hunt, Various Activities till dusk
  • Bright Monday (2nd Day of Pascha) (May 3)
    • 10am Bright Monday Paschal Liturgy (St. Athanasius Day Observed)
    • Festal picnic following
  • Bright Tuesday (May 4)
    • 10am Bright Tuesday Paschal Matins
    • 7pm Men’s Night Fellowship at Carl’s House
  • Bright Wednesday (May 5)
    • 630pm Paschal Vespers
    • Bonfire and Cookout following
  • Bright Thursday (May 6)
    • 5pm Paschal Vespers
  • Bright Friday (May 7)
    • 9am Paschal Liturgy for Life-Giving Spring
    • Festal breakfast following in hall
  • Bright Saturday (May 8)
    • 4pm Paschal Hike in Berea at the Pinnacles
      • 6pm Pan-Orthodox Vespers on the East Pinnacle
    • 630pm Deacon’s Vespers at St. Athanasius (no Confessions)
  • St. Thomas Sunday (AntiPascha) (May 9)
    • 10am Resurrectional Liturgy
    • 1145am Coffee Hour Fellowship

Here are some photos of parish life from Lent, Palm Sunday, and early Holy Week 2021:

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