New Intro to Orthodoxy Series

What: Intro to Orthodoxy in 11 Parts
When: Wednesdays, 720-820pm (after 630pm Vespers)
Where: St. Athanasius Orthodox Church in Nicholasville

Perhaps you are a Christian, or perhaps you were a Christian, or perhaps you are a person who simply wasn’t exposed to much religion or spirituality as a young person. Regardless, the community at St. Athanasius Orthodox Church welcomes you to explore the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition with us, as Fr. Justin Patterson leads us on a tour of the early Christian movement, unpacks the basic meaning of Jesus Christ’s radical teaching, and connects all of this to the lived experience of Orthodox Christianity. Join us for 11 classes in our Intro to Orthodoxy Series. You will learn about

  • different worldviews
  • the Eastern Orthodox approach to knowing and understanding
  • the key elements of Christian history and teaching from an Orthodox perspective
  • and how all of this affects our real life.

Check out our Facebook Event Page here for more information and links to live videos, as they are published. Videos may also be published on our parish YouTube channel.

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