September: A New Church Year!

In the Orthodox Church, we measure time lots of different ways. Yes, it 2021 (of course.) But we also remember that–with the coming of September 1st–we entered the Year 7350 in the old Byzantine reckoning. Ever mindful of ways going back to Judaism, we continue to honor September as the “crown” of the liturgical year. And with school starting, September feels like a new beginning. So here we are, ready to jump into the Fall Semester (and the Year 7350!)

At St. Athanasius, September is always a rich and full month: major feasts are celebrated, we host our annual Fall Visitors Sunday on Sept. 12, college ministries resume, Christian Education gets a reboot for old and young alike, service projects are undertaken. This particular fall, we rejoice at the inauguration of an effort long-anticipated–the foundation of the Berea Orthodox Christian Misison Station (photos below.) In addition to all these renewed efforts, our parish family remains committed to our common parish values of focusing on:

  • Orthodox Christian liturgical worship of the Lord, first
  • Christian fellowship, second
  • Christian education and spiritual formation
  • Christian hospitality, service, and evangelism
  • Apostolic “sending out” of people to serve God and the Church

We invite you to visit our parish in person. We look forward to greeting you for our Sunday Liturgy, our fellowship meal following Liturgy, and at other parish events which abound on our calendar. Also, feel free to watch our services and weekly Christian Education classes online. Check out our full September calendar (on the right) or via the google calendar link. If you have any questions about church life, pleease reach out to the church office or our priest. Fr. Justin (859-361-2823.)

And enjoy parish photos (below) from the many parish events we held in June, July, and August:


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