“Preparing for our Preparing” for Nativity

We are now deep into fall and preparing to enter the Nativity Fast, which–itself–is a 40-day preparation for the Feast of our Lord’s Nativity (Christmas) on December 25.

We invite you to visit our parish for any of our services or scheduled events. We warmly welcome visitors and you can learn more (if you are a first-time visitor) by exploring this welcome page.  Check out the many parish events on our November calendar (on the right) or via the google calendar link (which is updated through January 9.) While “online” is no substitute for “in-person,” feel free to watch our services and weekly Christian Education classes online. If you have any questions about church life, please reach out to Fr. Justin via email or text (859-361-2823.)

Here are some special highlights of church life over the next 6 weeks:

  • our weekly weekend Lord’s Day cycle with Cathedral Vigil on Saturdays at 630pm & Sunday Liturgy at 930am (with Short Sunday School for kids and Fellowship Hour following)
  • our weekly Wednesday Night Vespers (630pm) & Friday Akathist (11am)
  • our weekly Wednesday 11-Part Intro to Orthdoxy  Catechesis Series continues (all previously-recorded parts can be found here) with bonfire fellowship afterwards
  • our weekly Adult “Sunday School” virtually (by request!)
  • “Unmercenary Healers” Sunday on Nov. 7 dedicated to health care workers
  • Community Contra Dancing (after Fellowship Hour on Sunday, Nov. 7)
  • Continuing work in Berea as part of our semi-monthly St. Nina Orthodox Mission gatherings
  • Start of the Nativity Fast on Monday, Nov. 15
  • Great Feast of the Entry of Theotokos into Temple on Nov. 20/21
  • Feast of Thanksgiving w/ services on Wednesday evening & Thanksgiving Day
  • Feasts of St. Nicholas (Dec. 5/6) and St. Herman (Dec. 12/13)
  • Baptisms and other Sacramental celebrations…

Here are some highlights from October, including the Diocesan Assembly in Miami, the Fall Fun Day Festival, Choir Rehearsal, St. Nina Mission photos, and much more:

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