Theophany & Houseblessing Season

Having completed the Nativity Fast and the Great Feast of our Lord’s Nativity, our parish now greets the Civil New Year and the Great Feast of our Lord’s Theophany! In practice, most of January feels as if is is a continuation of the joy of the Theophany, as the priest visits mosts home, bringing with him the traditional “Epiphany”  Houseblessing. (To view priest availability and to sign-up for a houseblessing, visit this page.)

Our full schedule–starting from Dec. 29 through February 1–is on the right (with our google calendar here.) We welcome you to join us for any of our weekly services, festal services, or other educational or community events! If you are a first-time visitor) please explore this welcome page.  While “online” is no substitute for “in-person,” feel free to watch our services and weekly Christian Education classes online. If you have any questions about church life, please reach out to Fr. Justin via email or text (859-361-2823.)

Additional dates to note on our calendar(s): major services in the month after Christmas:

  • Jan. 5: Theophany (Epiphany) Eve Services
  • Jan. 6: Theophany Feast itself
  • Jan. 9: Sunday after Theophany (with Great Water Blessing at Hickman Creek)
  • Jan. 16: Car Blessing Sunday 
  • Jan. 23: Sanctity of Life Sunday 
  • Jan. 29-30: Special 20th Anniversary Weekend with Archbishop Alexander and Bishop Gerasim. (Ticketing–along with full info on the festive weekend–for the Grand Banquet on Saturday, Jan. 29, is here.) 
  • Note that our Fall 2021 Intro to Orthodoxy Teaching Series is now fully online for you to view here!

Below are photos from the St. Athanasius from December:

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