Bulletin April 17, 2022    Feast of Palms

Holy Monday, April 18
9am Lenten Hours w/Matthew 1-14; 6:30pm Bridegroom Matins

Holy Tuesday, April 19
9am Lenten Hours w/Matthew15-28; 6:30pm Bridegroom Matins at St. Nina (in Berea)

Holy Wednesday, April 20
11am Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts
6:30pm Bridegroom Matins w/Anointing

Holy Thursday, April 21 (w/o)
10am Vesperal Liturgy
6:30pm 12 Passion Gospels Matins

Holy Friday, April 22 strict fast day
9am Royal Hours
3pm Entombment Vespers
6:30pm Matins w/Lamentations
9pm to 9am (Sat) Continuous Reading of the Psalter (signup online)

Holy Saturday, April 23 (wine)
9am Receive Lori Graas, John Laws, Michael & Ashlee Harover as Orthodox Christians • 10am Holy Vesperal Liturgy
7-11:30am Continuous Reading from Acts of Apostles (signup online)
11:30pm Paschal Nocturns followed by Paschal Services at Midnight

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