Holy Week & Pascha 2022

We Invite You To Join Us!

The days of Holy Week and Pascha (Easter) constitute together the most sacred days of the church year for Orthodox Christians. And we invite you to make the journey with us! You can view our detailed “Holy Week Guide” for 2022, that explains each service of Holy Week and Pascha, and helpfully notes how long each service actually is. You can also watch our 7-Part “Journey to Pascha” Video Series that traces the journey from Lent, through Holy Week (day by day) to the Resurrection of Christ!  Our full online calendar (updated through June) can be found here.

Here is Fr. Justin’s video invitation to attend our services (please share!)

Our Holy Week & Pascha Schedule can be found in graphic form here:


Our Pascha and Bright Week (Easter Week) Schedule can be found here:

If you are new to the Orthodox Faith, we invite you to visit our welcome page and watch our new catechetical series called Intro to Orthodoxy. If you live south of Nicholasville, especially along the I-75 Corridor, we encourage you to connect at our bi-monthly St. Nina Mission in Berea.

You can find a full photo and video report of previous Paschas here. Below are some photos of Great Lent, Lazarus Saturday, and Palm Sunday 2022. Our warm parish family looks forward to welcoming you to our church in the days ahead!

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