Materials for Brief Extraordinary Parish Meeting: Sunday, May 22

Christ is Risen! Most of you know that in fall 2021, our parish council invited Warren Caterson to meet with as many parishioners as he could to explore a potential capital campaign to pay down the church mortgage. Just before Lent, Warren completed his capital campaign study and gave it to the council. (You can review his full report here.) The biggest surprise of the study was that, while Warren detected strong support for a capital campaign, our people were motivated less to pay off the mortgage and more to grow our staff and clergy to meet the growth of Orthodoxy in Kentucky! This insight prompted the council to re-clarify the parish’s vision and mission (view the working document here). The council realized that, in addition to our traditional commitments of “Orthodox worship,” “Fellowship,” “Christian Formation (Education,)” and “Charity & Outreach,” we feel it is time to include a new commitment that will help us meet the needs of the next decade: “Conciliar Leadership.” In light of this, the council believes that the next capital campaign should focus primarily on increasing pastoral and administrative support, and secondarily on laying the groundwork for our final temple.
To this end, we will host an Extraordinary Parish Meeting this Sunday with two main goals:
  • review highlights from “The Warren Report” (The complete capital campaign study is here
  • elect a lay delegate to the July OCA All-American Council in Baltimore
    • Zoe Kaylor (who is also the parish warden) is the sole person nominated. We will put her nomination to a voice vote for approval. 

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