Paschaltide 2022: Christ is Risen!

At midnight on Sunday, April 24, our parish family joined the whole body of the Orthodox Christian Church around the world in celebrating the Feast of Feasts, the Great & Holy PASCHA! Our Paschal celebration is never in a vacuum, of course, but always follows more than two months of preparation prior to Pascha: the pre-Lenten season, Great Lent, Holy Week, the 3-Day Pascha culminating in the Day of Resurrection (Pascha Day.) You can see at the bottom of this page a rich selection of photos, documenting our parish journey from Palm Sunday and Holy Week to the Paschal celebrations of April 24 and beyond.

We rejoice that–in the Orthodox Church–Pascha continues for 40 days, leading up to the Feasts of Ascension and then to Pentecost. We are hosting a rich array of services at both our main church in Nicholasville and at St. Nina Misssion in Berea (twice per month, even in the summer.) We welcome you to join us for these continuing days of celebration and joy! Our May and June Calendars are on the right. You may also find that our online google calendar provides a handy 2-3 month outlook on parish life.

Here are some photos of our beautiful celebration of Holy Week & Pascha at St. Athanasius Orthodox Church:



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