Dormition Season & New Semester

The month of August is always exciting and exhausting around the parish. The two-week fast (the Dormition Fast) coincides with the hubbub of actvity associated with the start of a new school year, both for our school families and our many college students. Please look at our August calendar (at right) and our September calendar (just below that.) You can also review our full online google calendar and even import that calendar into your personal calendar. Note the many rich feast days that fall during  the months of August and September, as well as various interesting educational events on Wednesday nights and other social and outreach events that pepper our calendar. At any rate, we welcome YOU to visit our warm and inviting parish family.

Note that we are hosting our semi-annual Visitors’ Sunday on August 28, starting at 920am. We invite folks who might be thinking “I’d like to visit.” Please know that you are especially welcome on this Sunday: and that we will offer a church tour, extra food, and small gifts that help to explain the Orthodox Christian Faith!

Check out the rich collection of photos below showing highlights in church life from July 2022. You can see photos of our liturgical services, of our choir developing skills, of our physical plant improvements (we painted the church,) You can also see photos from Youth Camp and from our mission work in Southeastern Kentucky (Berea) at St. Nina Mission. Finally, there is a small selection of photos of our parish participation in the All-American Council of the OCA, held in Baltimore, July 17-22. (We have a more complete and narrative All-American Council slideshow here.)



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