Annual Parish Meeting 2022 [Updated!]

On Sunday, September 11, our parish community held its 21st Annual Parish Meeting. You can watch the video of our proceedings here. Among the statutory tasks that were undertaken at this 46–minute meeting were:

  • the report of our parish warden Zoe Kaylor (in APM packet below)
  • the priest’s annual report on parish life in which Fr. Justin officially announced the Forward in Faith Capital Campaign
  • the presentation of a financial review (audit) and confirmation of a parish budget (see below)
  • the election of one new member to the parish (due to staggered 3-year terms, in most years we either are electing 1 or 2 new members.) Stephen Adams was elected to replace outgoing councillor Chris Reeves.
  • the election of a lay delegate to the summer 2023 Diocesan Assembly was (as planned) postponed until late spring or early summer to allow candidates to have a better idea about their availability to actually attend the Assembly.

The essential documents that we used for the Annual Parish Meeting are all here:

We were grateful to make quorum (and then some) with our attendance. Thank you! We also are grateful for our volunteers who helped with set-up and clean-up for the meeting, especially Subdeacon Bert Walther for coordinating the after-meeting pizza lunch and Beth Walther for helping  to arrange the babysitting during the meeting itself.

Our current parish council leadership consists of:

  • Archpriest Justin Patterson, President
  • Ms. Zoe Kaylor, Warden
  • Ms. Laura Walther, Treasurer
  • Mr. Jason McCord
  • Ms. Vera Foushee
  • Mr. Stephen Adams (new!)
  • Deacon Simeon Siskar, ex officio

The council will be electing a secretary from among our members at our first meeting, scheduled for Monday, September 26. Many Years to our parish family at St. Athanasius Orthodox Church!

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