Kentucky Orthodox Campout 2022

Our annual Kentucky Orthodox camping trip is coming up, September 23rd-25th. It’s time to reserve a cabin or camp site! Get your spots soon, before they fill up!

The campout is centered once again at the serene Falls Creek Cabins & Campground just past Corbin, KY (1.75 hrs from St Athanasius, 2.5 hours from St. Michael, 1.5 hr from St. Anne), and just 5 miles from the beautiful Cumberland Falls.

RESERVATIONS: Cabins of all comfort levels–including conditioned covered wagons–and campsites of all sorts are still available. There are also activities at the camp ground and nearby, like Zip Lining, Drop Tower, Rafting, etc. Call the campground to reserve your accommodations. Call 1-800-541-7238(toll-free) to make new reservations.Site Map.

More Details About the Campout

As has become our custom, we trying to gather on the 4th full weekend in September, as a standard annual date. This year those dates are  Friday Sept 23rd – Sunday Sept 25th

As always, you need to plan to fend for yourself; food, shelter, firewood, etc… Other than church services, there aren’t any organized events or schedules which is part of the charm for sure. Last year several of us enjoyed a wonderful hike on Eagle Falls Trail on Saturday morning and we hoped to do that again this year with a picnic lunch at the Falls (photo at right.) It was great for swimming last year too! The hike is about 1 mile each way and moderately tough, but the trails are good.

Plan for possibly chilly evenings and warm days, and the possibility of rain.

Campsite & Cabin Reservations: ***THIS YEAR CALL TO RESERVE YOUR OWN SITE AND CABIN!***

  • The big Star Falls Lodge has been reserved for clergy and the Louries have reserved the Super Cozy Cabin–but there are other places to rent, too.
  • In the past we have also used the following camp sites and cabins:
    • Four (4) Backwoods tent sites for our group, and we can fit up to 32 people in these sites. This area is where we generally congregate for fire time, crafts, meals, prayer services, and socializing. (Backwoods Primitive Sites: Link)
      • B8 &B7 Group Sites: 10 person sites
      • B5: 6 person site
      • B6: 6 person site
      • $23/night/site
    • Super Cozy and Cozy Cabins
    • Covered Wagons (sleeps 6)
  • All sites have Bathhouse privileges (hot showers/flush toilets) included though some are nearer than others, but none are terribly far away.
  • Call 1-800-541-7238 (toll-free) to make new reservations. Site Map.
  • Prayers:
    • Fr. Justin (early on) and then Fr. Stephen Freeman will be leading services. We welcome singers and have identified a choir director! We still need to figure out where we’ll do the services, at a campsite or at the pavilion. Last year the campsite worked well.
  • Weather could be chilly or scorching but is generally a little cooler than Lexington. Usually, warm enough to wade and play in the river during the day and chilly/cool at night and perfect for a fire. (Weather Link) Long-range weather forecast here.
  • Food: most folks brought pre-packed cookables and cooked at the campsite for Friday dinner, Saturday’s three meals, and two meals on Sunday.
    • Groceries are available with a short drive 15 minutes Southeast to Williamsburg, and they have lots to choose from, or 20 minutes Northeast to Corbin.
  • Sleeping: can be chilly so tent sleepers and rustic cabin sleepers should bring a sleeping pad, warm sleeping bag and blankets, and warm socks. Hammocks can work well if you are prepared.
  • Supplies:
    • The campground has a nice store with lots of amenities, souvenirs, and playthings.
    • Nearby Williamsburg has a Tractor Supply and Wal-Mart.
    • Corbin has Badwoods Outdoors, Kentucky Outdoorsman, and C&E Outdoors.
  • Bicycles:
    • Many kids love bringing them to ride around the great roads and trails through the woods and around the campground at large.
  • Checking-In at the lodge when you arrive:
    • we recommend that you come early and even pay the $5-10 Early Check-In Fee. Setting everything up in the daylight is a big help–and it makes Friday night a lot more relaxing. (SUNSET will be 7:42PM, Eastern Time)
  • Invite other parishioners from other Orthodox churches, other friends! 

Kid Activity 2022: (OPTIONAL) ($5 per kid if using Josh Lourie’s materials

In 2019 we build wooden swords, battle axes, and daggers. In 2020 we made wooden shields. In 2021 we made small PVC bows with “soft-tip” arrows. (“You’ll shoot your eye out!”)

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