Saturday, January 7    Synaxis St. John the Baptist

  • 11am Slavonic Akathist to the Theotokos (Old Christmas)
  • 6:30pm Cathedral Vigil
  • 7:20pm Confessions 

Sunday,  January 8  Sunday After Theophany

  • 9:30am Divine Liturgy
  • No Children’s SS
  • 11:30am Coffee To Go Only
  • 11:40am Great Water Blessing
  • 12pm Bread Ministry (Mat Tamara, Ian Rebecca Wilson)   

Monday, January 9

Tuesday, January 10

  • 6:30pm /Akathist & Prayers for St. Nina Altar Feast in Berea

Wednesday, January 11   Ven Theodosius the Cenobiarch

  • 6:30pm Vespers
  • 7:20pm Christian Ed Class: “What Grandma would have taught you about Orthodoxy…” w/Mat tamara & Fr. Justin

Thursday, January 12

  • 7-9pm Choir Practice
  • 8pm Adult SS via zoom

Friday, January 13    

  • 11am Akathist to St. Nina
  • 11:50am Confessions

Saturday, January 14    St. Nina Enlightner of Georgia

  • 6:30pm Cathedral Vigil
  • 7:20pm Confessions 

Sunday,  January 15

  • 9:30am Divine Liturgy
  • 11:10am Children’s SS
  • 11:30am Fellowship Hour / Team A
  • 12pm Bread Ministry  (Hannah, Eduard)   
  • 12:30pm Girls Group

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