Bulletin January 22, 2023

32nd Sunday after Pentecost / Sanctity of Life Sunday

Feast for New Martyrs & Confessors of the 20th Century Communist Yoke

Parish Life this Week

  •  Youth Group will meet today 5-7pm in the parish hall.
  • Parish Council meets Monday at 6:30pm
  • Vespers on Tuesday in Berea at 6:30pm for St. Nina Mission w/guest Deacon Raphael leading the service
  • Young Adult Men Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday
  • Wednesday Vespers at 6:30pm followed by Christian Ed Class: Christ’s Theophanies in the OT Scripture
  •  Choir Practice on Thursday 7-9pm
  • Adult SS via zoom on Thursday 8pm
  • Friday Akathist to St. John Chrysostom at 11am followed by confessions

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