Great Lent: A Season of Invitation

For Orthodox Christians, there is no season more beloved than Great Lent. Of course, Lent itself can be challenging with the communal expectation of fasting, increased prayer (both in services and at home,) and in the various additional practices we take up. But when Orthodox Christians hear the word “Lent,” we know intuitively from years of experience that Lent is the ideal preparation for Holy Week and the glorious Resurrection of Christ (known among us as “Pascha.”) It is a revival, of sorts, but in an ancient Orthodox key. (On the right, you can our priest’s Pastoral Letter for Lent 2023 that amplifies these themes.)

This present season, then, presents an invitation to us all. To Orthodox Christians: we are called to enter more deeply into our Faith in Christ. To those who are considering a visit: you are offered the chance to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” We invite you to make the journey of repentance and prayer with us in these awesome days.

Our full Lenten calendar in pdf form is on the right. You can also view our regularly-updated online calendar. Our Wednesday Night Lenten Soup & Salad Potluck Sign-up can be found here. If you have any pastoral needs or questions, please reach out to our pastor Fr. Justin at 859-361-2823 or email him at

The first two months in 2023 have been exceedingly rich months for our parish. Below are photos from parish life in January and February–that also include the visits of both our Archbishop Alexander and the primate of the Orthodox Church in America, Metropolitan Tikhon, whom we welcomed to Kentucky for the very first time! Enjoy this window into our parish life!











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