Holy Week & Pascha 2023

We Invite You To Join Us for Holy Week & Pascha!

The days of Holy Week & Pascha (Eastern Orthodox Easter) constitute together the most sacred days of the church year for Orthodox Christians. And we invite you to make the journey with us, ideally in-person, though we are also pleased to be broadcasting most of our Holy Week and all of our Paschal Services on our parish YouTube channel!

To get a sense of the unfolding drama of Holy Week, you can watch our 7-Part “Journey to Pascha” Video Series that traces the journey from Lent, through Holy Week (day by day) to the Resurrection of Christ!  Additionally, our full online calendar (updated through May) can be found here. Below you can see the primary services offered between April 10 and April 16 (Holy Pascha) with similar graphics just below in both Ukrainian (top) and Russian (bottom):

  • Our full schedule starting on Holy Friday through Bright Saturday:
    • Great & Holy Friday (April 14)
      • 9am Royal Hours of Holy Friday (1.5 hours)
      • 3pm Entombment Vespers (1 hour)
      • 630pm Matins with Lamentations & Procession (2.25 hours)
    • Great & Holy Saturday (April 15)
      • 9am Baptismal Renunciations & Exorcisms
      • 930am Baptismal-Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday (2.5 hours)
      • 1130pm +Paschal Noctures: Paschal Service Begins!+
    • The PASCHA (Easter) of our Lord (April 16)
      • Paschal Midnight Procession
      • 1220am Paschal Matins
      • 1am Paschal Liturgy [online sign-up to read Gospel languages]
        • 245am Paschal Meal in Hall (finish by 6am)
      • 2pm Paschal Parade Arrives At Church & Agape Vespers Begins
        • 230pm Paschal Picnic (finish by 7pm)
    • Bright Monday (April 17)
      • 10am Paschal Liturgy
    • Bright Tuesday (April 18)
      • 11am Paschal Matins
    • Bright Wednesday (April 19)
      • 630pm Paschal Vespers
        • 715pm Bonfire Fellowship w/ Festal Food & Drink
    • Bright Thursday (April 20)
      • 5pm Paschal Vespers
      • 7pm Men’s Night Paschal Fellowship @ Carl’s House
    • Bright Friday (April 21)
      • 9am Paschal Liturgy & Brunch in Hall
    • Bright Saturday (April 22)
      • 330pm Annual Bright Saturday Hike with Vespers @ Pinnacles in Berea
      • 630pm Deacon’s Vespers in Nicholasville

If you are just beginning to learn about the Orthodox Faith, we invite you to visit our welcome page and watch our new catechetical series called Intro to Orthodoxy. If you live south of Nicholasville, especially along the I-75 Corridor, we encourage you to connect at our bi-monthly St. Nina Mission serving Madison County and the I-75 Corridor.

You can find a full photo report from Holy Week and Pascha 2022 here. Below are some photos from Great Lent 2023–the holy season leading up to Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Pascha. Our warm parish family looks forward to welcoming you to our church in the days ahead!



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