September & Church New Year

As we move into fall, the our parish schedule blossoms forth with feasts, liturgical services, opportunities for prayer, classes for learning, choir practices, social events, campouts, youth group, and so much more.

In this season of renweal, we welcome you to visit our parish community of St. Athanasius. We also welcome those who are in (or close to) Madison County to also visit our St. Nina Mission, which helps extend the reach of the Orthodox Faith along the I-75 corridor and Wilderness Trail. (You can subscribe to our St. Nina weekly email here.) Check our our “hard copy calendar” for September on the right or visit our online calendar (updated up through the end of October) here. (You can sign up for our main weekly parish email here.) Among the regular services and events you’ll generally find each week are:

  • 630pm Saturday Evening Service (Cathedral Vigil or Great Vespers)
    • 730pm Saturday Confessions following the evening service
  • 930am Sunday Liturgy with Coffee Hour following
    • 12-1230pm Sunday Bread Ministry (free distribution of bread/foods )
  • 630pm Wednesday Vespers
    • 720-820pm Wednesday Christian Education: Catechesis & Learning
  • other services, especially Molebens and Akathists, according to the calendar

Among the special events happening in September, you’ll find:

  • Sept. 6: Series Launch for Basic Catechism (join us any Wednesday!)
  • Sept. 7 & 8: Great Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary 
  • Sept. 10: Resumption of Sunday School (Post-Liturgy for Children)  
  • Sept. 11: Launch of 8-Week Grief Support Group
  • Sept. 13 & 14: Great Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross 
  • Sept. 17: Annual Parish Meeting immediately after Liturgy [updates coming!]
  • Sept. 21: Choir Practice (7-9pm)
  • Sept. 22-24: St. Herman Orthodox Campout in Corbin

A collection of photos from August (including a visit from our seminary intern and his family, various feast days and Baptisms, a wedding, various tabling events, Visitors’ Sunday, a Newcomers’ Reception, and more) can be found below:


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