Architects and Builders

(listed in alphabetical order) Some have given presentations to our church.

  • Akers Church Building Services – Presented to the Building Committee on June 26, 2005.
  • Andrew Gould Design – Designer of Holy Ascension in Charleston, and currently working on several other churches in the diocese.
  • CJK Design Group – The architectural firm of Christ Kamages. (His company used to be known as Ekona). Robert “Bob” Latsko, who has worked with the firm on 3D renderings, gave a presentation during common meal on September 24, 2005.
  • CMW, Inc – Presented to the Building Committee on November 13, 2005. Their related company CMW Equine is also worth a look as we consider Kentucky architecture and landscaping.
  • Elder Construction – David Elder of Elder Construction talked a little about his work with St. Michael during the October 16, 2005 Building Committee meeting.
  • (Fr Dcn) James Bryant Architect – Visited our parish June 28, 2008 with Robert Latsko. Fr. Dcn. James has designed many churches mostly in the Northwest.
  • Messer Construction – A large construction firm started in Cincinnati that has an office in Lexington. Looks impressive both for their green building practices and the number of awards they have won.
  • Omni Architects – A Lexington area firm that has designed several catholic churches, as well as the Church of the Resurrection episcopal church north of Nicholasville.
  • Sherman, Carter, Barnhart – At the October 16, 2005 Building Committee meeting, Father Alexander Atty mentioned that he used this Lexington-based firm for the design of the small chapel at Saint Michael Orthodox Church in Louisville. Tom Smith is the architect who designed St. Geroge chapel and is working on plans for Holy Cross monastery in WV.
  • Synthesis Architecture + Planning – The architectural firm of Alex Christoforidis. He presented to the building committee on December 11, 2005.

Orthodox Architecture

Building Committees

We’re not the first church that’s ever had a building project.

Church Construction Photos/Plans

Also see the building committees section above for more detailed plans.

  • Diocese of the South Building Projects – Many more links…
  • Holy Apostles, Tulsa, OK. Building a permanent smaller chapel (for 100 people) on the property followed “in 3 to 5 years” by a byzantine looking temple for many more.
  • Holy Ascension, Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, SC. – Recently consecrated church. Could accommodate around 150/200 people.
  • Holy Resurrection, Tucson, AZ – Bob Latsko is designing the temple for this Antiochian parish and working with Fr. Dcn James Bryant. Not much there on the site other than a picture of the design.
  • St. Cyprian of Cathage Orthodox Church, Richmond, VA – Phase 1 has the parish hall and classrooms occupying the bulk of eventual nave and narthex. Phase 2 will move this to a separate building. Intended for parish of 200.
  • St. George Russian Orthodox Church, Cincinnati, OH. This ROCOR parish is planning a very Russian looking church.
  • St. Mark, Bradenton, FL. Designed for 225 seats in worship space.
  • Saints Markella and Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Mary Esther, FL (CJK Design Group) It appears to be around 300 seats.