Chrismations: Sept 2006

In September 2006, Saint Athanasius Orthodox Church was blessed to receive five catechumens as full members. They were chrismated by Father David and Father Justin.

Chrismation, the gift of the Holy Spirit, is performed in the Orthodox Church by anointing the person's body with a special oil called holy chrism. In the Orthodox Church, chrismation is always done together with baptism. Baptism is our personal participation in Pascha (Easter) -- the death and resurrection of Christ. Chrismation is our personal participation in Pentecost -- the coming of the Holy Spirit upon us. Following baptism and chrismation, the person newly-received into God's family is tonsured -- the person's hair is cut in the sign of the cross. This signifies that the person has offered himself completely to God. The mysteries of baptism and chrismation, are fulfilled in the immediate reception by the "newly-enlightened" of Holy Communion in the eucharistic liturgy of the Church.

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