Our Original Property – The Hill

Beginning in December of 2004 and again in August 2006, Saint Athanasius Orthodox Church purchased property about 5 miles southeast of Nicholasville at 2500 Chrisman Mill Road (Ky Hwy 1541) in Jessamine County, Kentucky. The property was 17.5 acres on a large grassy hill that sits beside Mount Lebanon, the highest point in Jessamine County. The hill is readily visible from the surrounding area and is easily distinguished by the obelisk grave marker at its top. [Pictures]

In the early years, we dreamed of building a beautiful Orthodox Church on the top of the hill surrounded by a cemetery. We held many different events on the hill including the Divine Liturgy, Vespers, Receiving a Catechumen, planting a cross, Kneeling Prayers after Pentecost, a Wedding, many other prayer services, bonfires, and picnics. We always enjoyed the peaceful beauty of this rural location.

As time passed, we discovered that due to the amount of rock removal required it would be cost prohibitive to build on the property; preparing the site for building — installing in-ground utilities and developing roads — would more than double our project cost. Without extensive and expensive work there was barely an acre that was suitable for the cemetery and it was less than ideally placed. As a community we also grew in our desire to be a church within the city of Nicholasville instead of a destination church.

In August 2012 we purchased a new property in the Orchard Subdivision in Nicholasville and in spring of 2013 we sold the hill. We give thanks to God for the hill and for how it helped form our vision.

Note: See Driving Directions to our current location in Nicholasville.

Directions to the Hill

Although we know longer own it, if you are interested in seeing the hill, take Main Street (US-27 Business) into downtown Nicholasville. At the Courthouse, go east on East Maple (Ky Hwy 39) for 2 miles. You will pass the High School on the left. Turn left on to Chrisman Mill Road (Ky Hwy 1541) and follow the road for approximately 3.5 miles. The hill is directly in front of you when you pass Chrisman Mill Vineyards and will be on the right when you reach it on the road.

Map of the property from Google Maps
MapQuest.com map of the property